Yale Locks vs August Locks: Smart Lock Comparison

Perhaps the most common starting point for home automation is the smart lock and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the different choices. Today, we’ll bring you a smart lock comparison between two of the top competitors: Yale and August.

Yale has been in the security trade since way back in the 1800s while August is relatively new, being founded in 2012.

Operating alone, these companies are formidable. Today, we’ll bring you the best of each of their ranges, along with a meeting point where the best of Yale Locks and August Locks come together.

We’ll kick off this smart lock comparison with a look at some of the best Yale Locks.

Yale Smart Locks

Nest x Yale Smart Lock with Nest Connect

What do you get when you combine Yale with what’s now Google Nest? A classic smart lock sublime in its simplicity, that’s what.

Installation is straightforward and you should be up and running well within the hour. This Yale lock looks slick and goes in place of your existing deadbolt. After downloading the app and hitting ‘Add Product’ you’ll be ready to roll.

The external keypad allows you easy access without needing to get your phone out of your pocket. You’ll need to add Nest Connect to enjoy remote control.

As you’d expect from the newly minted Google Nest, this smart lock works wonderfully with Google Assistant. Since the Works with Nest program has now been folded, this is great news.   

From indoors, you can either turn the deadbolt as normal or take charge in-app. When you’re trying to enter, choose between app control and punching a code into the keypad.

Integration with other smart home devices is sadly lacking for now. Nest did poorly on the interoperability front, so it remains to be seen if the Google influence will lead to more inclusivity and broader compatibility.

Available in bronze, brass and nickel colorways, you’ll be
able to match your lock to your outdoor décor with ease.

Although Nest x Yale lock is showing signs of aging, it still makes a worthwhile purchase in 2019. Asif from the Smarthome team gave his first-hand opinion on Nest x Yale lock, which is worth checking out.

While this smart lock is pricey considering its relatively basic functionality, you’ll get all Yale’s traditional lock expertise rolled in with Google Nest’s pioneering tech representing solid value. This lock makes the best fit if you don’t plan to build out an ambitious connected home or if you’re already invested in the Google Nest ecosystem.

Key Benefits

  • Auto-lock feature is incredibly handy if you have kids in the house
  • Tamper-proof lock replaces the deadbolt you have in place
  • Sleek and easy control in-app

Yale Assure Lock SL with Z-Wave Plus

Next in this smart lock comparison is the enduringly popular Yale Assure Lock SL, which comes in several iterations. This Z-Wave Plus-compatible model is ultra-compact and won’t spoil the lines of your condo or modernist home.

You’ll be able to store up to 250 codes that you use to access your door without being encumbered by keys. The keypad adds a valuable layer of security and protects you from losing your phone and being locked out.

Z-Wave communication means this Yale lock plays nice with a broad spread of devices from SmartThings to Wink and much, much more.         

If you’ve put off investing in a smart lock worrying that
the batteries might run down and leave you locked out, that won’t happen with
Assure. A 9-volt terminal under the keypad allows for emergency charging if the
unthinkable happens.

Auto relock means you’ll never need to panic about whether
or not you remembered to lock the door. And, anyway, you can always check
in-app. You can also ask Alexa for the status of your lock around-the-clock
even if you’re not at home.

One thing worth pointing out is that Yale customer care can
be patchy if you happen to need assistance. Pack plenty of patience and be

Given the overall build, though, you shouldn’t expect to encounter any problems in the first place. For a solid and affordable smart lock giving you everything you need and nothing you don’t, this Yale Lock hits hard.

Key Benefits

  • The slimmest touchscreen deadbolt up for grabs
  • Z-Wave compatibility gives you a great deal of freedom
  • Tap-to-lock is ideal when you’ve got hands full of shopping

Yale Assure Lock SL for HomeKit and Siri

Yale doesn’t leave Apple fans out in the cold and this HomeKit version of Assure Lock SL calls for an iOS device running iOS 10.3 or later. You’ll then be able to control the access to your smart home from an Apple TV, Apple Watch, iPhone or iPad giving you a great deal of flexibility.

If you have an Apple TV or iPad installed as a home hub, you’ll also be able to use Siri to take charge hands-free.

You can share and manage up to 25 access codes in-app. These can be deleted at any time making this a wise bet if you rent your home on Airbnb or you have cleaning staff and babysitters coming and going. Save yourself the headache of coordinating keys and leave it all to the compact keypad.

All you’ll need is a screwdriver and the Assure Lock SL slots in place of your existing deadbolt in minutes flat. Set-up is a cinch in-app and you can smarten up your entrance and stay connected to your home remotely.

With one-touch locking and auto-relock, Yale Lock makes a nice choice if you have children, elderly relatives, or anyone prone to forgetting keys and to neglecting to lock up.

As you’d fully expect from Yale, you get a dependable deadbolt
which is remarkably user-friendly even if you’ve never used a smart device

This Yale lock is a nice way to tie in your entry system to your Apple ecosystem, so what are you waiting for?

Key Benefits

  • Perfect for all Apple fans invested in HomeKit
  • Build out 4 to 8 digit codes in-app and kiss your keys goodbye
  • Control your lock from your Apple TV or Apple Watch with ease

August Smart Locks

Now that we have gone over Yale Locks, next up in this smart lock comparison is August Locks.

August Smart Lock

The classic August Smart Lock shows no signs of fading in popularity, even though it’s been around a while. What makes it so good, though?

Well, the fact there are newer models means you can pick up the original smart lock at an incredibly keen price, so it makes perfect sense for bargain hunters who aren’t prepared to compromise quality.

With August’s proprietary DoorSense baked in, you’ll be kept in the loop as to whether your door is locked and shut. This is a nice touch if you have forgetful kids or seniors to contend with. You’ll need the pocket-friendly WiFi Bridge to enjoy this functionality.

This August lock works within mixed-age households where people have varying degrees of comfort with tech. Slotting over your deadbolt, you can still use your keys as well as embracing the smarts. All you’ll need is a single cylinder deadbolt in place and you’re good to go.

A 24/7 activity feed keeps you apprised of the comings and
goings in a busy household remotely. Stay alerted when your kids come home from
school and check if they pop out again when they should be doing their

Bluetooth and WiFi-ready, you won’t get the Z-Wave Plus support offered on the line-topping Smart Lock Pro we’ll outline directly below. You won’t find support for Alexa or Google Assistant either, so this is not for you if you’re looking for hands-free control.

For smart home beginners and anyone still looking to hold on to their keys, the classic original version of August Smart Lock is still well worth popping on your shortlist.

Key Benefits

  • This August Lock comes at an unbeatable price/performance ratio
  • Works with pretty much any regular deadbolt
  • Patented DoorSense functionality keeps you posted if the door is not locked as expected

August Smart Lock Pro with Connect

The next lock we’ll be looking at in this smart lock comparison is the August Smart Lock Pro. This August lock is certainly not cheap, so what do you get for your money?

Unlike the base model, you’ll get Z-Wave Plus integration, so you’ll be able to get Smart Lock Pro singing in harmony with plenty of other devices in your connected home.

With the bridge thrown in, you’ll be able to get going with
some simple automation right out the box without needing to dig deeper.

Once you’re hooked up to the gateway, your August lock will automatically pop when you come home. Thanks to DoorSense, you’ll always remain alerted if your door isn’t locked properly, meaning you can rest easy whether you’re on vacation or caught up late at work.

Choose from Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri to control Smart Lock Pro with voice commands. All you’ll need is the requisite smart speaker or smart display and you’re ready to go hands-free.

Since you can hold on to your keys, Smart Lock Pro makes a good fit if you have elderly relatives at home or kids prone to forgetting codes.

By controlling access to your home using codes rather than keys, you can streamline operations significantly. This comes in handy if you have service staff coming and going or you rent your property on platforms like Airbnb. As with all the best elements of smart home technology, you’ll make your life safer and easier if you invest in this simple, but highly effective smart lock.

Key Benefits

  • Use your preferred digital assistant for hands-free access
  • Bridge comes bundled so you can build out Smart Lock Pro into your existing ecosystem fuss-free
  • Smart Lock Pro automatically unlocks your door to greet you as you return home

Yale and August Smart Lock

Yale Security Assure Connected by August WiFi

Our final offering in this smart lock comparison brings the Yale lock and August lock together with the hard-hitting Assure controlled by the agile August app.

As with all Assure locks, you’ll fit this over the deadbolt you already have in place. As long as it’s a single-cylinder lock, you should have no snags.

With everything you need bundled and no requirement for an additional hub, you’ll be able to take the helm in-app on your phone or using voice commands. You will need an enabled device to make use of digital assistants, though.

Your lock will automatically open as you approach based on the GPS on your smartphone and Bluetooth connectivity. You’ll also be able to use the touchscreen keypad and a code so you have a wide range of choices.

If you’re interested in benefiting from Yale’s expertise with almost two centuries in the security business and August’s wicked smarts, this model makes a great investment.

 Key Benefits

  • Automatically unlocking with Bluetooth is a sleek feature
  • Create temporary or permanent virtual keys on demand
  • Use your favorite virtual butler for hands-free control

Final Word

Well, we trust by now that this smart lock comparison gave you a decent overview of some of the keyless entry systems offered by Yale and August.

Bookmark our blog for all the latest smart home news. Drop us a line and let us know what you think of the redesign.

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