New Smart Home Devices (Holiday Edition)

For us, “Smart Homies” our favorite part of the holiday season, are new releases of smart home technology and gadgets. As you might know, Amazon’s huge 2019 hardware event wrapped up. With a whopping 15 products announced, the vast bulk of the recently released kit we look at today comes from Bezos’s stable. We’ll alsoRead More

The Perfect Guide to Smart TV’s

Smart TVs are pretty much standard-issue as we approach 2020. You’d struggle to find a suitable television that doesn’t incorporate at least some smarts. But first, there are some common questions about televisions we will answer first. So, What do you mean by smart TV? Today, a smart television is an internet-connected and capable ofRead More

What to Think About Before Installing Security Cameras

There’s not a worse feeling than pulling up to your front door and seeing it left wide open. Glass shattering on the ground, the uneasy feeling chills up your spine. But, we’re sure you already know the value of smart security cameras. Today we’re going to give you the low-down before installing smart security cameras.Read More

10 Handy Tips For Cyber Security and Smart Homes

Security with home automation provokes an interesting debate and can be the sole purpose of why some might not invest in a smart home. Cybersecurity in smart homes is a perplex issue. Over the past eighteen months, there has been a wide range of data breaches, but how secure is your connected home in general?Read More

7 Simple Holiday Solutions In Your Smart Home

The smart home holidays are looming, and now it’s time to address those pesky problems you encounter every year but don’t do much. Whether it’s automating climate control with a smart thermostat or smartening up your holiday decorations. Today, we’ve got some simple holiday solutions based on several recent reader queries. We won’t require youRead More

What’s Up With Apple Smart Home Products?

Remeber home kit?  While it may have had its problems, many still love it. If you have any interest in home automation, you’ll know that Amazon and Google have left Apple languishing in the smart home arena. Things could be changing, though. A recent Bloomberg report suggests Apple is aggressively assembling a new team inRead More

Did You Know These Devices Sync With IFTTT?

When the theory of smart homes is in practice, typically, there’s an inbuilt flaw… Many (link) smart home devices operate on different platforms. Operating on various platforms and apps makes it difficult for devices to sync together. How do you overcome that? If This Then That (IFTTT) Let’s say you want a thermostat and lightsRead More


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