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  • With Feedback: With feedback in the App. For this you can make sure the state of the device even you are not together with the device
  • Work with Alexa and Google home : Connect the switch to advice what you would like control..Download the smart life app via scan the QR code on the user manual. Register an account on the APP. Open the Alexa and add smart life app skill to Alexa. Then you can use Alexa vioce control it on/off.
  • Wifi control by itself app: Scan the QR code on the package to get smart life app. Add the device to the app then you can use wifi control all appliances which it have connect to.
  • Timer Control: Pre-set the multi working schedule. For this it can auto turn on/off the devices conviently when you go to work or sleep.


  • Product model:ERC310
  • Voltage rang: 85-260v
  • Power rating :LED 100W(1A)
  • Temperature rang:160 (outdoor) 30m(indoor)
  • Capacity:Up to 10 siwtch can be paired
  • Sensitivity: -110dBm
  • Dimension: L70*W44*H29MM

The Receiver can be controlled by several switch up to 10 pieces.

Also it can be control by app.

Pls make sure you have order both of them if you would like to use wireless switch to control your devices

Work with ALexa & Google home


1. Download the Smart Life (QR codes in user manual).
2. Register an account on the APP.
3. Open Alexa or Google Home and add Smart Life or Tuya Smart.
4. Use voice control feature to turn the light on/off.
5. You can now change the color, make it brighter, and so on.

Power by press

Provide power via press on it. It is energy-saving

No wire for the item

Connect the receiver to the light and pair the switch to the receiver,

then u can sue app and swicth to control the light now

Replace the original switch

Replace the old swicth wasy, install to anywhere as you like.

One receiver can pair to switch up to 10 pieces.

Suit for much device

It suit for much more electric devices

such as silicon controlled LED bulb, halogen lamp for brighter setting

and speed control ceiling fans for speed setting


Pairing the switch to the receiver.

For this you can control the device by wireless battery-free switch

Additional information

Brand Name


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Remote Control

Voltage rang


Power rating

LED 100W(1A)


Up to 10 siwtch can be paired