Wifi Smart Dimmer 220V-240V 150W


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Main Features:

The Wi-Fi dimmer module designed to transform your traditional switch(push switch) into Wi-Fi switch that allows the connected device to be controlled via a smart phone as well as a traditional switch.

Mini design : Intelligent dimmer is suitable for (SCR lamps) with power less than 150W, ( Ceiling light, downlight, corridor light, table lamp, garden light. etc… ) Main functions: Smartphone Remote control , Time switch , Voice control , Can adjust the brightness according to your needs !

Make life easier

Wifi Smart Light Triac dimmer switch helps to switch lights in setting time, smart phone’s app control and Voice control , to make life easier and wiser. No need to get up in the cold winter to turn on the light.

Voice control Dimmer light switch

The light dimmer switch supports stepless dimming function, can adjust the brightness according to your needs, can make the lamp brighter in the dark, convenient and easy to operate.

Voice control Compatible With Amazon Alexa Echo and Google Home IFTTT

Warm tips:

~Scan the QR code on the QR code card to download the “Smart Life” APP and read the user manual before using it.

~This Wi-Fi touch switch must be connected to Live wire and Neutral wire .

~If you use ordinary LED light, brightness will not adjust by the wifi and the button, suggest you use timer lamp.

~The total output of the luminaires or several luminaires used together must not exceed 110W.

Main Specificaton:

Input Voltage : 220V~240V / 50Hz

Wiring : Live wire and Neutral wire

Max. Load Power : 150W

WiFi Standard : 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n

App Name : Tuya Smart/Smart Life

Work Life : 100,000 times for operation

Size : ( 0.09 * 1.85 * 2.03 ) inch

Net Weight:



1 * Smart WiFi switch

1* User manual

Additional information

Brand Name


Model Number


Control Channels

3 Channels



Max Speed

Can be controlled anytime, anywhere

State of Assembly







wifi Smart Light Dimmer switch

Max Power



AC220V-240V, 50/60Hz

Function 1

Timing Switch Control

Function 2

WiFi Smart APP Control Switch

Function 3

Adjust brightness of the Lights

Voice Control

for Amazon Alexa Echo and Google Home IFTTT

Use standard

US / AU / EU / UK Standard

Quality certification