Ultrasonic Dog Chaser Away Self


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100% brand new and high quality
Used to prevent dog attacks, issue ultrasound to repel the dog or wild wolf.
In normal situation, it can be used as a normal flashlight to illuminate at night.
Ultrasonic wave reaches up to 130db. Audible to dogs but not to human.
Effectively target animals up to 20m away.
Can also be used as dog training device.
Model: MT-650
Housing material: plastic
Color: black
Power: 1*9V battery (no included)

Suitable users: joggers, walkers, bicyclists, delivery people, police.

1.Driving principle:
This product is mainly used for outdoor environment to prevent dog attacks, when trying to attack your dog when you took this “super weapon”, ultrasonic on dogs, auditory 125dB ultrasound on the dog is a great stimulus. The flashing of the super bright LED also makes it clear that the sound of the source and location, so that you are in the hands of the weapon is aimed at it.
2. Use methods:
(1) lighting: select “Light”, press “ON””. Can be used as a flashlight function.
(2) training dog: choose “Train”, press “ON” to send out ultrasonic. At this point you can train the dog.
(3) dogs: select “Chaser”, press “ON””. Use to the fierce dog, dogs will escape.
3.Matters needing attention:
When the machine is not in use, please put the gear selector switch in the “Chaser” gear. To avoid power consumption.
4.The following situation is not obvious effect of the dog:
(1) their own dog, the dog knows that the owner will not hurt it;
(2) a dog with its owner; trained large dog trained;
(3) when the battery voltage is too low, the ultrasonic energy will be reduced.
(4) In “Chaser”, as a result of strong power, large power consumption, please do not hold the switch for a long time, generally by 3-5 seconds, and then press the switch.
(5) this product sends out the ultrasonic wave power is stronger, when using, do not face the human ear.
Matters needing attention:

1 do not use for your own pet. Avoid making it uncomfortable.
2. Please refer to the product specification in detail. The specification is written on the package. Please confirm. Thank you.