Timethinker 2Pcs Smart WiFi Plug


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Timethinker 2Pcs Smart WiFi Plug Homekit Socket EU Adapter for Apple Homekit Siri ALexa Google Home APP Voice Remote Controller


  • Support for Amazon Echo voice control
  • Support for Apple Homekit
  • Support Google Home
  • Support Tmall voice control
  • Support remote control switch
  • Support 10 timing set
  • Timing set memory: Timing set continue to work after network suddenly off for a while
  • Timing set memory: Timing set continue to work after power suddenly off for a while


Q1: Device networking failed?

1.The WiFi password is incorrectly entered. Please confirm and enter the correct WiFi password and try again.

2. WiFi password can not exceed 16 characters, not supporting passwords with special punctuations and characters. It is recommended to change the WiFi password to letters plus numbers.

3. Please connect with a 2.4G network. The device does not compatible with 5G WiFi network, so please check if mobile phone connected to 5G WiFi.

Q2: What if search device failure occurs several times?

It may be caused by cookie in phone as configuring repeatedly. Please turn off WLAN and after a while reboot the WLAN. It’s suggested to turn off the power supply and restart the device, then go on configuring procedure.

Q3: What if Wi-Fi password changing leads to socket network off?

Delete the device from phone APP and re-configure.

Q4: Why would it happen that network connecting fails during configuring procedure?

Please check if Wi-Fi password entered is incorrect first, then confirm the password before re-configuring. It also maybe happen due to the device is too far from router, weak signal in this situation, or other environmental factor disruption; please keep the device close to router (within 2M) and re-configure. BTW, please be noted that the device can not recognize a 5G network , so make sure it’s a 2.4G WI-FI network and your router is not with a MAC filter.

Q5: How to configure your Timethinker socket with your iPhone?

Q6: How to configure your Timethinker socket with Apple Homekit?

Q7: How to configure your Timethinker socket with Amazon Alexa?

Q8: How to configure your Timethinker socket to Google Home?

Additional information

Brand Name


Model Number



All Compatible

Camera Equipped


State of Assembly



WS2 Wifi Smart Socket

Work with

For Apple Homekit for Amazon Alexa Echo for Google Home


LED Lighting and IFTTT intellgent scene

Working Frequency


Wireless type

Wi-Fi 2.4GHz

Wireless standard

IEEE 802.11 b/g/n



Working temperature

0-40 Celsius

Operating humidity

10%-90%RH (non-condensing)

Product size

L96*W51*H30 mm


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