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This actuator will fine turning for valve status of opened, according to room temperature and setting temperature to meet better status of power saving for put off the working life of battery. Radiator actuator valve also known as electric valve, is a new concept for water valve device, suitable for housing, shopping mall, hotel heating and central air conditioning temperature control, room temperature control.


The thermostatic radiator valves is a special valve using cooperatively with heating radiator.

Artificially set indoor temperature, mainly used in the floor heating system to control the closing and opening of the pipe.

Adjust the flowing through the radiator without the need for external power hot water flow to realize the constant room temperature.

Directly control the water valve instead of installing an actuator plus temperature control valve.

Applied to electric drive part of the electric heating actuator of branch valve, small valve and dynamic balance valve.

Nut connection installation method, easy and fast to install, convenient to disassemble.

1.6″ blue backlight LCD screen display and 5 buttons makes it easier to read and set the value in dark.


Color: White

Material: ABS

Item Shape: Rectangle

Backlight: Blue backlight

Power: 3 * AA 1.5V Batteries (Not Included)

Working Temperature: 0~70°C/32~158°F

Display Accuracy: 0.5℃

Range of Temperature Adjustment: 5~70℃ / 41~158°F

Probe Sensor: NTC(10k)1%

Range of Temperature Display: 0~70℃ / 32~158°F

Thread Size: M30 * 1.5

Insulating Condition: Normal Environment

Running Program: Set per 1 week as a cycle

Maximum Current: 90mA

Maximum Route: 4.5mm

Application: Heating Device, Central Air Conditioning Temperature Control, Room Temperature Control

Screen Size: Approx. 61 * 47mm / 2.40 * 1.85in

Product Size: Approx. 52 * 66 * 95mm / 2.05 * 2.60 * 3.74in

Package Included

1 * Radiator Thermostat

1 * Bag of Accessory

1 * User Manual (English)

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