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Question :
Power bank regular standard two capacity, one is the battery capacity, one is the rated capacity. for example with 10000 mah power bank, charging treasure will be labeled 10000mah/3.7v core capacity, at the same time labeled rated capacity 6200mah/5v (TYP2.1).
why to mark two capacity, what is the significance of these data?

Answer :
10000 mah polymer core capacity refers to your charging treasure polymer battery length * width * thickness * energy coefficient ≈10000.

The rated capacity is the output capacity of the mobile power supply calibrated by the manufacturer, expressed in C, in ampere hours (Ah) or ma hours (mah).
Rated capacity is under laboratory conditions, the test out of the charging treasure in 2A or 1 A of the current situation can be the least output of the guaranteed capacity. Under normal circumstances, the higher the rated capacity, the higher the effective energy of the charging treasure.

Because the test is useful in different cases of 2 a current or 1 A current, the rated capacity measured will also be not the same.

Why is the core capacity of 10000 MA when the rated capacity is only 6200 mah~9000mah?

There are two reasons:
1. The conservation of energy
2. Energy depletion in the course of work.
Please search on Google if want to know the details.

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Micro Usb

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Li-polymer Battery


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Supports Solar Energy



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