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HESSWAY TUYA 24VAC 95~240VAC 2P cooling heating air conditioning fan thermostat WIFI for Works with Alexa Google home

BAC-6000 series Round designed;Modern Touch Screen Room Thermostats to on/off control the fans and valves in air conditioner applications via comparison of the room temperature and setting temp. as reaching the aim of comfort and saving energy by your mobile phone. No matter you stay at home or abroad, you can control your room temp. easily.

Technical Data:

Power Supply 95-240VAC,24VAC optional
Rated current 5A for fan and 3A for valve
Set Point Range 5~35°C
Ambient temperature 0°C~50°C
Warranty 18 Months
Installation 86MM Wall mounted or 60MM Embedded installation
Sensor NTC
Accuracy/Hysteresis ±0.5°C/±1°C
Protection Class IP30
Housing PC (Fireproof)
Storage temperature -5~ 55℃
Application Central air conditioning
Fan coil units

2 pipes (heating or cooling)

Fan speed High,mid,low,auto
Lock Children lock function
Programmable mode 5+2 six periods programmable
APP QR code, Google Marketplace, Android or Apple Store

On ​Feature:

1.Powerfull functions are optional, such as BAC net/modbus/wifi etc,.

2.0.5°C Accuracy keeps temperature within the level you set.

3.Android or IOS APP control and Voice contro, home temperature control, everything in your mobile app

4.Data memory when power is off.

5.5+2 six periods programmable maximize comfort and economy.

6.Creat thermostat group to Centralized control

7.Interated with amazon echo and google home

8.All setting languages synchronize your time zone,address and language

9.2pipe,cooling or heating

10.Modbus & RS485 communication function (optional)

On Appearance:

1.Negative black screen will bring you to a secret world.

2.51mm round display area helps to protect your eyes.

3.Touch buttons to make simple operation.

4.Amazing Silver Frame opens your modern life.

5.The visiable thickness above the wall is only 11mm.

6.Rotation to connect gives you easy installation.

7.86mm hidden box and european 60mm round box is suitable.

8.White, black panel creates your colorful life

1* Thermostat

2* Mounting screws

1* User guide for thermostat (in English)

1* Screwdriver

Product Operation Manual Electronic Version (PDF)

WiFi thermostat is the new smart way to control the temperatue in your home, and easily reduce your heating cost.

Thermostat allows you to take comfort knowing your home temperature will always be just how you like it.

Additional information

Model Number


Brand Name





95-240VAC, 24VAC optional

Set-point Range





room thermostat

Fan speed

High, Medium, Low, Auto



Touch technology

full capacitance screen

Overall dimensions

CN 86MM or EU 60MM


5A for fan and 3A for valve

Wifi phone control


Pipe support