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The Google Nest Hub Max Full Setup Video!
The Google Nest Hub Max Full Setup Video!

Everything you’re going to need to set up and use your Google Nest Hub Max is here and ready for you. You’ll see how to set up your Nest Hub Max, get it working, choose all the right settings, and then how to use all the new and interesting features.

The one thing we won’t talk about here is utilizing the Thread hub and getting that working. Right now, that’s a whole topic on its own!

You’ll also see a quick run through of the #Google Home application to learn about all the settings in your #Nest #Hub #Max.

Some time codes for you:

0:30 – Start of Unboxing
1:36 – Start of in-app #setup
9:52 – Demo and features walkthrough
18:37 – Google Home application walkthrough
25:46 – Nest Camera Setup Process

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