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The Top 25 New Smart Home Products From IFA 2019 (and a few others)!
The Top 25 New Smart Home Products From IFA 2019!

There were literally hundreds of new smart home products at IFA 2019, most that we’ve never seen. I’m going to show you the top 25 new smart home products from that conference, but I’m also going to tell you if I think they’re worth looking at. There are some that are great, and there are some that are pure concept, and there are some you should just keep walking past.

Alan did a great write up on that gives you more details about some of these products:

Here’s the list of smart home products I have a look at today:
Samsung AirDresser
Samsung Vision
Samsung Air Quality Monitor
Philips Hue Filaments
Philips Hue Go 2nd Generation
LifX Filaments
LifX Smart Switch
Philips Hue Button
Philips Hue Smart Plug
Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab
Lenovo Smart Tab M8
Lenovo Smart Tab M10
Bosch Twinguard
Bosch Raum Underfloor Heating Thermostat
Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 950
Eve Thermo Smart Radiator Valve
Eve Water Guard
Amazon Fire TV Cube 2nd Generation
Garmin Venu
Asus VivoWatch SP
Medisana’s Smart Robot
Anker Nebula Soundbar
Netatmo Siren (for their security sensor)
RoomMe Personal Sensor
Safera Stove Guard
Fibaro Walli Switches and Outlets
LG ThinQ Fit Dresser
Ki Wireless Kitchen Charging Technology

Wow, that’s quite the list and I love some of the concept devices we’re starting to see. This list of #new #smart #home #devices really did get serious, and so did the conference and the smart home industry in general. We’re seeing a real increase in people and companies taking this industry seriously and putting out amazing new products.

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