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This Smart Home Camera Can Go Anywhere – Amaryllo Hermes Review
This Smart Home Camera Can Go Anywhere – Amaryllo Hermes Review

The Amaryllo Hermes is a Biometric smart home camera with immense capability, but it can also go anywhere with you. It is a USB powered smart home camera with the ability to detect just about anything in your home or business, including people (and their faces), dogs, cats, birds, vehicles, fires, and it does it all with incredible precision. It’s quite the camera and it’s all for $160 USD.

The big selling feature to me with the Hermes, and Amaryllo’s cameras in general, is the attention to security, privacy, and the ability to configure their cameras to fit any situation you might have. It’s an amazing blend of engineering, design, and capability.

The only things you’ll miss are some of those integration features with Google, Amazon, and Apple (although we’re told Amazon integration is on its way), you might miss a bit of your money because you’re going to want an AI/Cloud plan from Amaryllo, and you might miss the 1080p level with the Hermes as it’s only 720p. Otherwise, this is a camera I can recommend without reservation. or if you prefer, Amazon:


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