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12 Fantastic Christmas Features For Your Kids With Google Home!
12 Fantastic Christmas Features For Your Kids With Google Home!

There’s a lot of Christmas content available for your kids with Google Home, Google Nest, and Google Assistant. Not only can you watch the basic Christmas movies (Disney+ is a great option right now), but you can also talk to Santa on the phone, find out what he’s up to, where he’s at, hear a ton of jokes, and even get some stories from your favorite characters. I’ll show you this, and more with your #GoogleHome #smartdisplays and other #ideas for getting in the #Christmas spirit.

1. What’s going on at the North Pole?
2. Google Santa Tracker
3. Get Christmas Jokes from Google
4. Home Alone – Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal
5. Google Assistant Action – Talk to Christmas Jokes
6. Disney’s Read Along Storybooks
7. Cast Disney+ to Google Nest Hub
8. Talk to Frozen Stories, another Google Assistant Action
9. Call Santa – Change your region to US by changing your address.
10. Talk to Kids Christmas Quiz – Another Google Assistant Action
11. Ask Google to sing a Christmas Carol (get music and sometimes a little song from Google Assistant)
12. Duo Video Calls on Google Assistant-enabled Smart Displays

Some of those Read Along books –


Coco –
Frozen –
Frozen 2 –
Toy Story 3 –
Lion King –


Frozen –
Frozen 2 –
Coco –
Lion King –
Toy Story 3 –

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