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Google Home Updates and New Features For November 19, 2019
Google Home Updates and New Features For November 19, 2019

The latest Google Home features and updates are here on Automate Your Life! We’re bringing you updates to the Google Home application, the new Nest Mini, Nest Hub Max, and integrations with Google WiFi or Nest WiFi.

You can add stereo pairing, and Alan did this immediately with a couple of his Google Home devices. Follow Alan on TikTok at or on IG at

The ultrasonic sensing capabilities haven’t been fully rolled out, but the Nest Hub is getting that feature. I think it’ll have a great future in that it will help us with Google being able to determine which speaker we’re speaking to.

The priority events tab is brand new in the Google Home app, same with the Media page, and the ability to start adding a device by hitting the plus button in the top left. Disney+ integration is live, Tile integration is live as well, and Sirius XM is also available as a new #GoogleHome #feature and #update.

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