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Going From iPhone To Pixel 3A XL – The Smart Home Experience
Going From iPhone To Pixel 3A XL – The Smart Home Experience

That’s it. Apple has taken too long to get us the automation capabilities and the phone features that I want at the price I need. Instead, I was able to get a #Google #Pixel #3A XL and have used it for over a month now. It’s an amazing upgrade in terms of many things from my iPhone 6S Plus, but the switch from iOS to Android is one of the most interesting things from a smart home perspective.

I’ll give you the things I liked, the things I didn’t like, and the gains I’ve made going from iOS to Android. I’ll also give you a full #review of the Pixel 3A XL I have, the camera capabilities, and the ins and outs of switching teams. It’s a really interesting process, but I don’t think we need to be afraid (as automaters) of making these changes.

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