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Google’s Hardware Event in 15 Minutes – New Nest Mini, WiFi, Pixel 4 and More!
Google’s Hardware Event in 15 Minutes – New Nest Mini, WiFi, Pixel 4 and More!

A ton of new devices and features have come out for the Google Nest, Google Assistant, and of course, Google’s whole suite of Nest products. I’m going to give you all the #new #Nest #products from their Hardware Event on October 15th, as well as some insight into their uses and great new features.

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The Nest Mini was released, the Pixel 4, Nest WiFi and Nest WiFi Point, as well as the Pixelbook Go. The Pixel Buds were shown and will be released in Spring of 2020.

We also saw a ton of focus on privacy, security, and sustainability throughout the presentation, as well as great new features throughout the whole Google suite of products.

Examples include the new home monitoring capability on the Google Nest Mini, the new Pixel 4 Soli chip and the features coming with that, the new partner program with the Works With Google Assistant program, and so much more. Stay tuned to AYL for so much more on all these great products!

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