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Don’t Hate, Automate – Smart Home Product Reviews – S1 EP2
Don’t Hate, Automate – Smart Home Product Reviews – S1 EP2

Are you ready for 3 more #smarthome #product #reviews? I’m ready to give them to you. Today we’re going to talk about a Smart Dryer sensor, a Z-Wave Garage Door opener, and the Samsung SmartThings WiFi outlet or plug. All three of these smart home devices have a place in 2019 home automation, but understand where is extremely important.

The first product is the SmartDry Laundry Sensor that works as advertised and is currently one of my favorite smart home devices in my home. Not only can I get Alexa notifications now, but I get notifications on my phone if my dryer is running too hot, my clothes are dry, and if my dryer has stopped. There is more, but honestly…go buy one here: (affiliate link) for $50 USD and you’ll see just how great they are.

Next up is the Aeotec Garage Door controller that uses Z-Wave and is a 500 series device. Alan got to install this product in his smart home and…let’s be honest, it didn’t blow us away. It was good and it definitely added smart functionality, but…you can read the results here:

Finally, the Samsung SmartThings WiFi Plug or WiFi Outlet is an absolutely fantastic mix of all the best things about SmartThings, their platform, WiFi, and power management. It’s all of $18 and is quickly becoming one of the best devices I have in my smart home…. Yep, 2 WiFi based devices on this video. Go get one here:

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