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Learn to Program With Scratch Chapter 2: Balloon Blast
I am doing some work for my CS endorsement and we are using the book, Learn to Program with Scratch, by Majed Marji. While the book was intended for Scratch 2.0 the application and learning fits with Scratch 3.0

In chapter 2, the author focuses on motion and drawing which I have explored before with the Pen Art Face Challenge and soon to be released guides. While those are being modified here is a nice challenge working on a Balloon Blast game which provides some great learning as we think about video game design. Any educator that has introduced students to Scratch understands the struggle of lack of focus and kids wanting to play games.

This challenge is good one to help students understand some basic game design and to challenge them to create their own game.

The book provides files which can be found here on No Starch.

For the learning of this video it is helpful to download and upload the BalloonBlast_NoCode.sb2 file from the site above.

In this video we explore how to code the game as well as what the blocks do when we mess with them such as:

What if you change the number of degrees the balloons turn?
Or change the number for the repeat blocks?
What if the rocket moves a different number of steps, or waits a different number of seconds? 

Head to the 7 minute mark if you just want to see the remix of the blocks. Let me know what you think and classroom application. What else would you like to know? I am sharing my learning journey in hopes you can learn something from the sharing.

As always, stay awesome!

Here is my studio of projects for this book:

Here is a Wakelet of resources for you to use as well:

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