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Translucent LEGO Mosaic Build
At the beginning of the month I posed a LEGO Build Challenge to have people create a LEGO Mosaic. 

The idea stemmed from a mistake I made when ordering 1500 of the wrong LEGO pieces.

While the challenge itself did not hold people to these pieces, I held myself to these constraints to create something out of these pieces so my money was not wasted. I have never done a mosaic build of any type in my life so I planned properly ensuring that I had plenty of the correct pieces.

I started off sorting the pieces by color and shape

I then created a Google Spreadsheet I coded and developed so I could plan out some builds and make sure I had enough pieces for each color. Each time I entered a number the color of the cell would change and keep a running total of each color at the bottom.

Finally, it was time to build and you can see the finished result in the video below. I share this as a reminder we don’t have to allow our mistakes define us. We take a mistake and turn into a positive if we choose. I could have been mad at the wrong order. I could have given them away or thrown them away or returned them. Instead, I learned many new skills, built some confidence in myself and the result was something I was proud of. Because of this I have a new project that has emerged because of this learning experience.

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