How to Raise Your Home Value With Smart Technology

When you’re looking to sell your home, you want to increase your home value and smart technology is an easy way to do that. However, when you’re building out your smart home, it is important to remember that not all smart tech is created equal.

So, how do you know what devices and appliances will boost the value of your property or speed up the sale?

Well, we have a capsule guide of twelve of the best ways to sell your home quicker and for more with higher home value. With 65% of millennials demanding smart tech in homes, you can easily make your home much more attractive to buyers if you interweave even a few suggestions from the following.

1) Smart Lock

A smart lock is one of the first things any buyer will notice as they approach your property. If you make someone’s life easier before they even set foot inside the house, you’ll get any prospective sale off on the right foot.

One of our personal favorites is the classic August Smart Lock Pro bundled with the Connect bridge, so you can get up and running right out the box.

Installation couldn’t be much easier and you just slip this lock over the deadbolt you have in place. You can use your keys at any stage, but we don’t think you’ll be wanting to.

Your door will lock as you leave and, thanks to DoorSense, you can stay alerted if it’s not been properly closed. With auto-unlock, your August Lock detects your arrival based on the GPS on your smartphone and lets you in hands-free.

You can use Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, or take control in-app on your smartphone.

Make sure the smart lock you’re considering doesn’t complicate things too much. Remember, your goal here is to streamline entry.

2) Smart Thermostat

A smart home is an energy-efficient home and that starts with optimized climate control. If you’re looking to sell your house, make as many things as easy as you can for prospective buyers. You want to make it hard for them to say no.

Automating climate control can make your house more desirable because it allows the incoming residents to start saving money from day one. The best way to do this is with a wifi thermostat.

The 25% suggested savings from manufacturers are ambitious, but you could realistically save 10% or more on your monthly power bills.

You’re spoiled for choice with thermostats and one of our go-to options is the ecobee4 WiFi Thermostat.

One of the key selling points with this fourth-generation ecobee is the Alexa Voice Service baked in. This allows you to communicate with your favorite digital assistant without needing a separate smart speaker.

Build out your system further with up to 32 sensors. These room sensors give you even more precise control.

By installing an ecobee smart thermostat, you’ll give any potential buyer huge scope for compatibility with other devices and platforms and your home value will go up. You can use Google Assistant or Alexa as well as HomeKit. With support for SmartThings and IFTTT, you have a huge spread of choice with ecobee4.

Hardwired, you can save
potential buyers from calling in an electrician and help your house sell more
rapidly at the same time.

So far, so good.

But what about pushing on throughout the home? What other devices can help impact your house sale price?

3) Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is synonymous with home automation. It’s almost expected that a home will have at least some form of automated lighting. Therefore, if you’re selling your house, consider this a must to increase your home value.

Throwing in some smart lightbulbs is a nice starting point if you don’t have the time or inclination to go all-in with smart lighting throughout the entire home. If you do want to get more ambitious and extend this lighting, you should consider smart switches and smart LEDs.

One thing to bear firmly in
mind if you’re considering smart lighting in a house for sale is that you need
to ensure you don’t put buyers off. Make sure any intelligent lights you have
are straightforward to control and add value by the way of convenience.

An added selling point with smart lighting is the extra dimension of security you’ll enjoy through remote control lighting. You can easily make your home look occupied even when you’re away. For instance, you can randomize the lighting and keep any intruders at bay allowing you to enjoy your vacation.

Insteon makes a first-class range of dimmer switches and on/off switches all well worth your investigation. All of these smart switches afford you a range of control options suitable for just about anyone from in-app on your smartphone to voice commands to physical controllers.

Consider throwing in an outdoor plug-in module, also from Insteon, to give your prospective buyers the chance to liven up old lighting with this affordable and effective weatherproofed outlet.

Smart lighting outdoors is a rapidly growing niche. Since buying out an LED company, the security specialist Ring has introduced a fantastic collection of smart lighting for your garden.

Above all, you’ll want to think about your target market when you’re selling and create a smart lighting solution and aim to appeal to that demographic.

What else works to boost
real estate value in 2019, then?

4) Smart Appliances

A well-chosen smart appliance or two can make a difference in your home value and grab the attention of buyers.

In a 2017
, over 18% of respondents rated appliances as the best in terms of

Maybe you fancy setting off the kitchen with the world-class Samsung Refrigerator with Family Hub? While this fridge might not be exactly cheap, it makes a disproportionately large statement in the kitchen showcasing it as the hub of a fully connected home.

Appliances fall outside of essentials and come into their own if you’re attempting to add some home value and appeal to a different market segment.

The home theater or man cave are great spaces where you can build out a room that genuinely enhances the value of your property and represents an investment rather than an expense.

Sonos has an impressive line of speakers, soundbars, and woofers to get any home audio system thumping.

Think closely about
appliances and you might be surprised at how spending a little can add a great
deal to the sticker price.

5) Smoke Detector

While smart appliances are
about adding a little luxe to everyday life, don’t overlook those boring

When you’re trying to appeal to the sensibilities of the modern buyer hunting down convenient and connected homes, safety should also be uppermost. Many buyers are looking for homes with the security basics all taken care of.

A smoke detector like Nest Protect makes sure you won’t get sideswiped by smoke or carbon dioxide in the event of a fire breaking out while you sleep.

The beauty of adding
something like a smoke detector to your home is that you know the buyer will be
thinking they just saved a couple hundred dollars and a whole load of hassle.
Even if you don’t directly add this in value, the overall impression will
almost certainly contribute to a better price.

Pop in some Insteon leak sensors for similar protection against unwanted moisture.

Take care of these safety basics and you might be surprised at how much more attractive you make your smart home and home value look.

6) Smart Solar Panels

Solar energy is smart,
sustainable and completely renewable. According to Solar America, you could
save as much as $1500 a year with solar panels in place. The Department of
Energy estimated homes with solar panels could sell for a $15000

Installation is pricey and can easily enter five-figures, but there’s some good news.

Rebates and federal
tax credit programs
can almost meet these costs. Then, you’ll be looking down
the barrel of $15K on the bottom line.

This is absolutely not a DIY job, so factor in the cost of set-up and consider smartening up your home while seriously increasing your home value.

7) Smart Speaker

Popping in a smart speaker can cost as little as fifty bucks, but this small investment goes a long way.

Voice control is so commonplace, it’s almost expected now. Serve up what your buyers expect and give them Alexa or Google Assistant on tap.

The price of all-new Echo Show 5 is so competitive this makes a fantastic addition to the kitchen if you’re trying to sell your home or up your home value. The 5-inch display adds a visual edge to Alexa’s smarts and you’ll be making a small, but important investment by throwing in $80 for an Echo Show 5.

8) Smart Home Hub

The foundation of any smart
home is a central hub or gateway. This single nifty device will help all the
rest of your tech to play nicely together.

It might be that your buyers already have a hub of their own. If so, that’s no problem. Many newcomers to home automation will appreciate the leg-up though so why not roll with Wink Hub2?

This hub offers the best
protocol support with Zigbee and Z-Wave along with Bluetooth LE, Lutron Clear
Connect and Kidde all supported.

With 5GHz connectivity and
Ethernet also an option, you’re spoiled for choice.

You’ll be able to take control of over 400 devices across all major brands, so this hub makes a neat fit across all ecosystems.

Adding a hub is a
no-brainer and with so many cheap options at your disposal, there’s no excuse
to skip this.

9) Smart Blinds and Shades

If you already have smart blinds and smart shades installed in your home, what do you do when you’re selling up and moving?

Leave them behind, that’s

Chances are, the blinds won’t fit seamlessly in your new home, so add a real impact to your home value by leaving them in place.

This might not be the kind of product you’d rush to install especially when you’re selling your home, but if you have motorized blinds installed, leave them.

10) Smart Sprinklers

If you have a sprawling garden, you can give buyers a helping hand with smartening up the irrigation.

The Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler can help any buyers looking at your home to save time and money while reducing their eco-footprint. All of these facts will seep in as they look at a lush lawn with app-controlled sprinkling.

Smart scheduling builds out
a watering routine that works for you and keeps your lawn at its very best.

Smart sprinklers are very
reasonably priced and this is one small investment worth making outside in the
yard if you’re looking to sell.

11) Smart Garage Door Opener

Smartening up your garage
doors is another great way to make an immediately positive impression. As
prospective buyers enter your house, they’ll see for themselves how convenient
it is to just hit a button and have the garage door pop open for you.

One of the best possible options is the Insteon Hub and Garage Door Control Kit. This will give your prospective buyers the perfect foundation from which to build out an Insteon ecosystem and this will reflect in the price you can charge. A smart garage door is a great way to attract home buyers, while simultaneously increasing your home value.

12) Smart Home Security

We’ve grouped smart home
security together before we round out and your options really are vast here.

The thing is, most buyers
will have some of their own security equipment already. Some will want
professional monitoring. Others prefer wireless solutions with no ongoing

Our advice here is to keep it simple and think laterally.

Why not go for a stealth option with this Maximus Porch Light Camera with Alarm?

At a glance, this looks like a traditional porch light. Inside, though, you have an HD camera with a wide 116-degree field-of-view. There’s also a siren alarm to see intruders if sensors are triggered.

you’ll need is a WiFi connection and you can enjoy an extra layer of security
for very little cost. Point out to buyers that what they likely assumed was a
regular sconce has some smart innards.

Final Word

Well, take your pick from that list of devices and increase your home value. In today’s marketplace, connected homes sell, so make sure yours delivers what buyers really want.

Bookmark our blog as your go-to resource for the latest smart home news and the best products in this vertical. Don’t forget to come back soon.

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