Ecobee vs Nest: Smart Thermostats

Whether you’re a fresh home automation convert or a long-time fan, climate control is an easy and effective way to get started. Unsurprisingly, two powerhouse companies dominate this crowded vertical. So today, we will be comparing ecobee vs Nest and see what each smart thermostat offers.

On one side you have Nest, a company famous for pioneering the smart thermostat way back in 2011. Owned by Google since 2014 and now folded back into Google after operating independently, Google Nest is stepping up their smart home game further. Based on a machine-learning algorithm, we’ll walk you through what makes their classic Learning thermostat tick.

Ecobee has long understood the futility of trying to outspend Google. With that being said, it has acquired funding from Amazon and continues to put customer service and overall experience uppermost to lure market share from the enduringly popular Nest thermostats.

So, today, we’ll highlight the best models from each of these giants in order for you to see with ease which would make the best fit in your connected home.

First, we’ll kick off with ecobee.

ecobee Smart Thermostats

The Canadian outfit ecobee launched their original iteration
of Smart Thermostat in 2008, light years ago in terms of home automation.

Since then, their climate control solution has gradually evolved to today’s fifth iteration, which we’ll look at first.

ecobee Smart Thermostat

Now proudly storming into its fifth generation, ecobee Smart Thermostat has been tweaked aesthetically and re-engineered, so what’s new?

Looks-wise there’s a small refresh, but it’s the new quad-core processor that heralds the real change. Capable of running highly advanced AI and machine learning, natural language is picked up much easier. Your overall experience with voice control will be much more robust with this all-new model.

Dual-band WiFi is another long overdue and appreciated

Range and accuracy have both been tweaked over the outgoing

Another nice extra with this model is the way you can also
regulate the humidity levels in your home.

Compatibility is first-rate as you’d expect from ecobee. Alexa comes on board, but you’ll be free to use Google Assistant if you have the requisite Home device. Interoperability extends to IFTTT, SmartThings and a roll call of the big names in smart home tech.

Installation is straightforward and you should be up and
running in less than an hour.

Whether you choose to take the helm in-app or to use voice
control, automating the temperature in your home has never been easier than
with all-new ecobee5.

Key Benefits

  • Refined glass finish and crisp touch display
  • Alexa is baked in so no need for a smart speaker
  • 5GHz WiFi support is a welcome addition

ecobee4 Smart Thermostat

The next thermostat we’ll look at in this ecobee vs Nest comparison is the ecobee4. The ecobee4 comes in an elegant and streamlined design with a sensor thrown in. Using these sensors can completely eliminate the hot and cold spots that blight traditional thermostats.

This model debuted Alexa baked in, so you’ll be able to use voice commands without needing to invest in an Echo smart speaker or smart display.

Hardwired, you’ll benefit from added reliability once you have everything set up. Despite that, ecobee is a cinch to install and equally easy to use once you’re up and running.

Take control either in-app or using voice commands and save a significant sum on your monthly electricity bill. You’ll be able to completely automate and optimize climate control, so you should use substantially less power.

You’ll get great compatibility as you’d fully expect and ecobee4 plays nicely with pretty much all major smart home technology.

When it comes to ecobee vs Nest, you won’t get the same intelligence-based set-up as you do with Nest, but the sensors add a great layer of customization and dramatically improve your overall experience.

If you’re looking to save a few bucks, ecobee4 makes a smart purchase, so check one out today

Key Benefits

  • Use up to 32 sensors to really fine-tune climate
  • Alexa onboard and Google Assistant-compatible
    with Home smart speaker
  • Hardwired but nevertheless easy to install

ecobee3 Lite Smart Thermostat

If you want to upgrade your thermostat, but you’re not sure you want or need to go all-in with a range-topping device, ecobee3 Lite is still well worth considering even in 2019.

Priced much more attractively than its big brothers, 3 Lite
still packs a punch.

You’ll get a roughly comparable design minus the glass and
the same ability to take remote control of heating and cooling.

With this model, you won’t get Alexa baked in, but you’ll be able to use voice control if you pick up an Echo or Google Home device.

If you set aside expectations of making 23% savings as
trumpeted by ecobee, you should still cut back considerably on those electricity
bills. The added bonus is that your life will be comfier and easier as you make
those savings, too.

If you’re looking for a line-topping smart thermostat with all the bells and whistles, ecobee3 Lite is not for you. For anyone on the lookout for hands-free climate control at a bargain-basement price, this model still makes sense today.

 Key Benefits

  • Outstanding price/performance ratio
  • Remarkably easy to set up in less than 30
  • Free monthly energy reports help you save even
    more money

Google Nest Smart Thermostats

Next, in our ecobee vs Nest comparison, we’ll begin looking at Nest smart thermostats. Nest Learning is close to a decade old now and with the all-new Google Nest Learning now into its third iteration, Google still has this space on lock.

You have a straight-up choice between the upscale Nest Learning Thermostat and the much more pocket-friendly Thermostat E, so take a quick look and see if either of these smart devices make a good fit in your home.

Google Nest Learning Thermostat (Third-Generation)

The Google Nest Learning Thermostat takes a different approach to that used by ecobee. In place of sensors, you’ll benefit from a machine-learning algorithm. This allows Learning to pick up on your habits and preference, and then deliver a personalized indoor climate.

Design-wise, you’ll get a similar low-key disc to the ecobee and the pared-down display shows nothing but the data you need. Alongside an easy-to-read temperature reading, you’ll see a green leaf if your home is running at peak energy-efficiency.

If you take advantage of the energy reports, you might even
isolate more ways in which you can cut costs without compromising comfort. This
is a nice touch and the reports are extremely easy to interpret.

You might look at this thermostat and think that you’re not getting much functionality for your money, but that’s kind of the selling point. Everything happens in the background with Google Nest Learning installed, which is what home automation should be all about.

Choose from copper, white, or polished steel so you can match your thermostat with your décor.

Key Benefits

  • Automatic scheduling takes the sting out of
    fine-tuning temperature completely
  • Simple leaf icon shows when your home is running
    at optimum energy-efficiency
  • Energy history allows you to make even greater

Google Nest Thermostat E

If you’re looking to invest in a smart thermostat, but you have a limited budget and stripped-down needs, Google Nest Thermostat E is the obvious solution.

The frosted display is a little more intrusive than Learning’s minimalist design, but it still melds into the background with the screen, making it a cinch to read even at a distance.

Thermostat E makes a great choice for an elderly relative. You can give them all the advantages of a smart thermostat without burdening with too much tech. Operating this device in-app couldn’t be easier once you’re up and running, so why not treat an elderly family member?

Control takes place in-app, so this is not the model for you if you’re looking for voice control.

For beginners, anyone not too comfortable with tech and
those on a tighter budget, Google Nest Thermostat E is well worth popping on
your shortlist.

Key Benefits

  • Unbeatable price/performance ratio
  • Simple scheduling if you’re not too tech-savvy
  • Save money on your power bills through
    optimizing heating and cooling

Final Word

We trust by now that you have a thorough overview of climate control when it comes to ecobee vs Nest.

Whether you want to go all-in and enjoy a sensor-driven
experience or you’re looking for a bargain, you’re in safe hands.

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