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Announcements From Amazon’s Fall 2019 Hardware Event

Amazon’s hardware event just wrapped up and we’re covering some of their biggest announcements and new products.


Amazon’s Fall 2019 Hardware Event

Amazon just wrapped up its Fall 2019 hardware event in Seattle at Amazon HQ, where they announced fifteen new products and hardware. It is clear that the Amazon team has been busy over the past year developing new, innovative products to bring to the market. Now that they’re here, we can take a closer look at some of the products and how they might be beneficial in everyday life. First, we’ll start with the updates they announced.

Amazon Privacy Updates

Amazon announced that they are rolling out many new product updates and investments to help protect privacy to the fullest extent. Privacy is a big concern when it comes to smart technology and can scare many people away, but will these changes prove to help with that?

Camera Shutter

If you own an Echo Show 5, this one is for you. Amazon showcased a camera shutter that can electronically disconnect the camera. This means that you don’t have to worry about your camera keeping an eye on you.

Privacy Hub

Privacy Hub allows customers to learn about and manage their privacy settings. Worried about having your voice recordings annotated by humans? You can also opt out from that in your Privacy Hub.

Home Mode

Do you have a Ring Camera in your home? Starting in November, you’ll be able to enable home mode, which means your camera will not record video or audio while everyone is home.

Alexa Privacy Commands

Some commands you can make to protect your privacy are

“Alexa, delete everything I said today.” and “Alexa, tell me what you heard.” You can also have your voice recordings older than three or eighteen months deleted on a regular basis.

Alexa Updates

Before we get into the new products, we will update you on all the adjustments they are planning to make to the popular digital assistant, Alexa. While new products are fun and exciting, it is also good to see improvements made to something you have already invested in and use on a regular basis.

Alexa’s Personality

Amazon knows that customers love the personality of Alexa, whether she’s telling jokes or giving her opinion, she’s a hit with most. They are working on making her personality and interaction with humans flow more naturally.

Multilingual Mode

Amazon is now able to add more languages at quicker pace. Also, since many homes speak more than one language, Amazon is implementing Multilingual Mode. To start, it’s available in the United States as English and Spanish, in India as Indian English and Hindi, and in Canada as Canadian English and French.

Understanding Of Emotion

Coming soon, Alexa will be able to understand when someone is frustrated with her and react accordingly. This comes from Alexa being able to understand the tone of who she is interacting with, regardless of who it is.

Pretty cool right?

Celebrity Voice

Getting tired of Alexa’s voice? Amazon is introducing celebrity voices, which the voice of Samuel L. Jackson and many more to come. Keep an eye out for this feature!


Amazon’s Newest Products

Some of their newly announced products include eyeglasses with Alexa built in, wireless earbuds, an all new Echo Show, and a new lineup of Echo smart speakers. Some of these neat products are already available for pre-order. So as we take a look below, decide if any of these devices are right for you, and order while you have the chance!

Brand New Lineup Of Echo Devices

Amazon announced an assortment of all new Echo devices. First, the all new Echo Dot comes with an added LED light that displays the time, temperature, or alarm times. The new Echo, similar to the Echo Plus, comes with improved sound and is offered in a new color. The most impressive of this line is perhaps the Echo Studio, a smart speaker with Dolby Atmos that offers 3D audio. Of course, a new and updated version of the Echo Show, the Echo Show 8, was announced as well. It comes in three different screen sizes to choose from and has the camera shutter installed. You can pre-order any of the Amazon smart speakers!

Amazon Echo Buds

Amazon ear buds?! You heard that right. Amazon announced that the Echo Buds come with crisp audio, Alexa baked in, and even access to other digital assistants like Siri or Google Assistant. Battery is expected to live up to five hours on a full charge, and up to twenty hours with a charging case. Also, a fifteen minute charge will give your earbuds two hours of life. The question is, how will these compare to Apple’s AirPods? Pre-order these ear buds and the item will be released on October 30.

Amazon Echo Loop

The Echo Loop was an interesting edition to the product lineup. Essentially, the Loop is a smart ring that tracks your movement, steps, and heart rate. If your smartphone is within Bluetooth range, you’ll also be able to make a call from your Loop. Some might find it convenient to have Alexa baked into a small ring that goes everywhere with them. Some people have found the smart ring to be bulky and unattractive, while others are excited about the use and functionality of it. Echo Loop isn’t available for pre-sale, but you can request early access to the Day 1 Edition to test it out at a lower price.

Amazon Echo Frames

Alexa in your glasses?! The Echo Frames are an everyday pair of glasses with Alexa built in and available with hands-free access. They claim to be “lightweight and compatible with most prescription lenses.” You can filter notifications so that you only receive them from specific contacts and open-ear technology minimizes sound from Alexa so that others can’t hear too much. The microphone will only respond to the voice of the person wearing the glasses and can be turned off with the simple press of a button. Unfortunately, these glasses aren’t quite available for pre-order, but you can request access to the Day 1 Editions to try them out at a lower price.

Amazon Echo Flex

Amazon Echo Flex is a plug-in smart speaker that is small, compact, and fits pretty much anywhere. Its main purpose is to make it easy to have Alexa present in any room, meaning that the audio isn’t going to be spectacular, but it is still functional. You can use this to add voice control to your smart home and have Alexa control lights and other connected devices. With a built-in USB port, you can charge your phone and don’t have to worry about not having enough room in your outlet! You can pre-order this item and it will be released on November 14.

Ring Indoor Camera

Amazon announced the brand new Ring Indoor Camera. It is small, compact, and great for keeping an eye on what is happening in and around the house. The creation of this camera was Amazon’s motivation behind creating Home Mode, which was mentioned above. This camera is being sold right now for $59.99 on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Amazon’s 2019 hardware event was successful and showcased many new and exciting products. We can’t wait to get our hands on a few of them and try them out for ourselves! Keep up with our blog to see product reviews and get a closer look at the world of smart home technology! Visit us at to shop all the latest smart home products at affordable prices.

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