9 Smart Products For Child Safety At Home

Connected homes are remarkably convenient, but child safety at home is arguably the key selling point of home automation.

It’s natural to be concerned about security anyway, but even more so when you have kids at home.

Today, we’ll give you a look at some of the best smart products for child safety at home from the obvious basics through to a few more unusual suggestions.

9 Smart Products For Child Safety

  1. Smart Lock
  2. Smart Video Doorbell
  3. Indoor WiFi Camera
  4. Baby Monitor
  5. Activity Tracker
  6. Baby Monitoring
  7. Smart Thermometer
  8. Door Sensors
  9. Smart Air Purifier

1) Smart Lock

As your kids get older, upgrading your entry system can pay serious dividends.

The smart lock segment is remarkably competitive and one of our enduring favorites is the classic Ultraloq, but what makes it so good?

your kids get old enough to start coming and going independently, you won’t
need to worry about lost or misplaced keys with Ultraloq. You won’t need to
concern yourself about whether or not your kids remember to lock up, either.

You have multiple choices for entering, including using physical keys. That’s not what you bought Ultraloq for, though. Fingerprint recognition is a cool way to get your kids initiated into smart devices. There’s no need for them to remember a key or a code and Ultraloq can store up to 95 fingerprints.

your children get older and like the idea of an entry code, the anti-peep
password is a nice touch. Teach your children to enter a random string of
numbers with the passcode anywhere among them. This prevents any passersby from
overseeing your password.

you need to issue temporary codes for a babysitter, you can do that no problem.

Bluetooth LE connectivity, you’ll be able to take charge of your lock in-app on
your smartphone, too. Once your kids are using phones and becoming teens, show
them how to knock or shake to open depending on whether they’re using iOS or
Android. For your part, you’ll get alerts pinged to your phone remotely so you
can check up on whether your kids are home from school if you’re still out

With a year of battery life and a legion of satisfied fans, Ultraloq will make life easier and you can easily implement child safety at home.

The entry system to your home has more potential to be made kid-friendly.

2) Smart Video Doorbell

Whether it’s your kids at home alone or with a babysitter,
there’s no reason to open the door without first seeing who is there.

Consider adding a smart video doorbell and you’ll also be
able to stay connected to your home from a distance in-app on your phone.

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is one of the most robust performers in a glutted vertical, but what makes it stand out?

Remarkably user-friendly, you’ll have no problem at all teaching your kids how to control this entry system. You can enjoy crisp two-way audio and 1080p HD video so you can see clearly who’s at the door before deciding whether to open it. Piercing infrared allows you to see just as clearly at night, too.

Four interchangeable faceplates are a nice touch and allow you to customize this sleek video doorbell so it meshes with your décor.

You’ll also be able to fine-tune motion zones to minimize
false triggers and eliminate zones from detection completely.

As long as you’ve got doorbell wiring in place already, installation is quick and easy and you’ll have more child safety at home in no time.

3) Indoor WiFi Camera

If you’ve ever wondered why you would bother with indoor surveillance cameras, you obviously don’t have kids at home.

We recently took a look at innovative start-up WYZE who brings some class-leading indoor cameras to the market at a price dramatically lower than most of the competition and makes it easy for people to have child safety at home.

With WYZE Cam Pan, you’ll get a full panning view of your smart home, even if you’re still at work. Hook up to your camera in-app on your phone and you can see in 1080p full HD exactly what your kids are up to when you tell them to head upstairs to bed.

As long as you have a smart speaker in the house, you’ll be able to ask Alexa to give you a tour of the house in areas where you have WYZE Cams set up.

Both motion and sound detection comes with rolling 14-day cloud storage at no extra cost.

The only thing to watch out for is a lack of support for
5GHz WiFi. Make sure your network is 2.4GHz to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

To stay completely aware of everything going on inside your home, WYZE Cam is well worth checking out.

4) Baby Monitor

When you have a newborn, child safety at home is extremely important and it stands to reason you’ll want a baby monitor.

Arlo’s Smart Baby Monitor is one of our favorites, but what differentiates this from the pack?

Security specialist Arlo delivers stunning 1080p video
clarity you wouldn’t expect from a baby monitor. You’ll be able to see in fine
detail exactly what your bundle of joy is up to while you watch a movie.

This baby monitor comes packing some smart nursery features
like a multi-colored nightlight and you can also play lullabies or recordings
of your own voice. This is a nice touch if you spend lots of time away from

The camera can be adjusted to take video or photos whenever
motion is detected.

Fully Alexa-enabled, Google Assistant integration is being
worked on.

While there are paid plans available, there’s no need to deviate beyond the free service unless you plan to connect ten or more cameras.

Boasting a 300-feet wireless range, once you road test the
Arlo, other baby monitors will pale by comparison.

Check out our detailed guide to smart baby monitors for more inspiration.

5) Activity Tracker

Wearables continue to fly off the shelves as more and more appreciate the benefits of control and monitoring on the wrist.

Fitbit Ace 2 is developed specifically for children and turns the experience of staying active into a game. With virtual badges awarded and a spirit of family competition injected, you can show your kids the value of staying active and keep track of progress.

You’ll be able to get your kids customizing the clock face
and making use of avatars so they stay interested.

Water-resistant to 50 feet, the wristband will stand up to a
quick dip in the pool or ocean and the rugged build can withstand some serious

Sleep tracking, bedtime reminders, and a silent alarm are all wonderful touches and can help you educate your kids about proper sleep health as well as activity and exercise.

Fitbit Ace 2 gives your children everything they need from an activity tracker and nothing that they don’t. It will also add a layer of child safety at home by monitoring health and activity levels.

6) Breathing Monitor

If you’re looking to keep an even closer eye on your
newborn, Monbaby is a fully wearable snap-on
that allows you to keep tabs on your baby’s breathing.

Most baby’s wearables feature trailing wires that render them impractical and uncomfortable. Kiss goodbye to those wires with this completely connected and wire-free solution.

Fall detection gives you an extra layer of protection and you’ll also be able to keep track of your baby’s sleeping position.

You’ll be able to customize the specific alerts you want to receive, so you’ll get a personalized solution that meets your precise needs and will match your level of child safety at home.

7) Smart Thermometer

If you have kids, you’ll be only too aware of how often it seems like you’re breaking the thermometer out.

Upgrade your experience completely with the Kinsa Smart Thermometer, which comes pediatrician-backed and fully FDA-cleared for use with both adults and children.

The intuitive and intelligent app uses metrics like age, fever, and symptoms to help you feel better. You’ll be alerted immediately if you need to call the doctor.

Additional health functions like telemedicine and dosage
reminders are welcome.

Onboard games can occupy restless kids when you’re getting
them to wait for a temperature reading.

While you’ll need the app for smart features, once you’re set up you can also use this thermometer offline.

8) Door Sensors

When you have kids roaming around the house, it’s hard to keep their inquisitive minds away from anywhere. They seem to home in like beacons on any high-risk areas to salt the wound. What, then, can you do about it?

Door sensors make the obvious solution.

The classic Insteon Open/Close Sensor is a cost-effective and highly efficient way to monitor any doors or windows you want to be left untouched.

You’ll get up to 150 feet of range from the Access Point or the nearest dual-band Insteon device.

If you have several areas you’d like to remain off-limits, consider investing in the 4-pack for even greater value.

As soon as any motion is detected, you’ll get an instant notification pinged to your smartphone allowing you to act promptly in-person or over the intercom.

What else can you do to make things more comfortable for your beloved children and implement child safety at home?

9) Smart Air Purifier

While air quality is always important in your home, it’s even more so when you have kids in the house.

Germ Guardian’s WiFi Air Purifier lets you fight back with this compact, but powerful unit.

Packing WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, you’ll be able to
take the helm and receive alerts even if you’re not at home.

The HEPA medium is the gold standard of filtration. You’ll
eliminate 99.97% of the tiniest airborne pathogens down to a size of 0.3
microns. An activated charcoal filter works to neutralize odors. The UV-C light
kills off bacteria and breaks down VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

You’ll be able to use either Alexa or Google Assistant to control your purifier hands-free and you’ll benefit from 5-speed settings covering all bases.

Air quality is rated as good, moderate, or poor to keep things simple. The moment you receive an alert that air quality has dipped to poor, you can start purifying immediately to make sure child safety at home is at an all-time high.

Coverage is good for spaces up to 167 square feet.

If you’re looking to restore spotless air quality in your
home, there’s no substitute for a purifier so what are you waiting for? Make
sure your bundle of joy breathes in nothing but the purest air.

Final Word

We trust you have a few ideas on ways to implement child safety at home and make it safer than ever before for your kids. Drop us a line and let us know if there’s anything we missed off our list that you consider a safety essential.

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