6 Ways To Brighten Up Your Home With Insteon Smart Lighting

When you’re looking to smarten up the lighting in your connected home, does Insteon smart lighting come to mind?

Chance are, it’s a pretty even split between Philips Hue and Ring.

What would you say if we told you that Insteon has a number of smart lighting solutions?

Today, we’ll walk you through six easy ways to get going with Insteon smart lighting, even if you’re a complete beginner.

6 Ways With Insteon Smart Lighting

1. Insteon Home Lighting Control (Wired)

If you want to start smartening up the lights in your home
and you don’t already have an Insteon ecosystem, why not get going with this
starter kit?

You’ll get the Hub Central Controller bundled, which acts as the foundation of your Insteon smart home.

There’s also a pair of in-wall dimmer switches, so you can test the waters with remote control lighting then build out your system further if you find it adds a layer of ease and convenience to your life.

If you have an Echo device or a Google Home smart speaker, you’ll be able to take the helm of your Insteon smart lighting using nothing but voice commands and your preferred digital butler.

Customize the ramp rate on your dimmer so that lights come on and off at a brightness level that suits you.

Since you’ll likely spend a reasonable amount of time running your lights at less than full-bore, you can expect to save money on your electricity bills.

2) Insteon Remote Control On/Off Switch

If you want to get started with one of the simplest entry points to home automation, the classic Insteon On/Off Switch is a must for your Insteon smart lighting system.

Rated for 1800 watts, this switch can stand up to most residential and commercial applications. The switch is designed to respond to most load types from fluorescent lights through to fans, motors, and small appliances.

You’ll need the home hub if you want to maximize control and functionality.

Taking charge of your light switch in-app is a cinch with the experience intuitive and user-friendly platform, even if you’re a complete beginner to home automation.

For anyone with multiple switches in their home, the redesigned on/off paddle is easy to distinguish from the dimmers, so you won’t end up confused.

You can pick up this switch in multiple bundles, too. Consider a 5-pack if you’re going for a more ambitious build or pick up the hub and a voice assistant of your choice as a competitive package.

3) Insteon Remote Control Plug-In On/Off Module

If you want to experiment with home automation without
overcommitting yourself, why not roll with one of these awesome on/off modules?

The beauty of this outlet is that you can plug in any old device, then seize remote control.

Kiss goodbye to endlessly hustling over to the fan or heater and stop crouching under the table to hit the lamp. Simply plug them into this module then control them in-app on your phone or using voice commands and your chosen virtual AI assistant.

You can take this same technology comfortably out in the yard with the Outdoor Module performing the same role in a fully weatherproofed form factor.

4) Insteon Remote Control Plug-In Lamp Dimmer Module

Have you got any lamps or
plug-in lights you’re tired of reaching down under the table to control? No
need to tolerate that any longer if you invest in this highly effective dimmer

Not only can you switch the floor and table lamps off and on again, but you’ll also be able to manipulate brightness levels remotely.

Even in the most highly connected home, it’s only natural to have some more traditional pieces. However, there’s no need to sacrifice remote control with this module up for grabs.

You’ll be able to control your lamps in-app or with voice commands and your digital assistant of choice.

5) Insteon Remote Control Dimmer Keypad

Control is central to home automation and with this keypad, you can create whole-house lighting scenes with consummate ease.

The keypad comes in this 6-button version capable of controlling up to 5 devices or an 8-button alternative.

You can control individual lights or whole clusters of
lighting at the push of a button.

The handy LEDs allow you to monitor the status of your Insteon smart lighting at a glance.

These physical controllers work particularly well if you have older relatives in the house and they don’t feel so comfortable using apps and smartphones.

6) Insteon Motion Sensor 2

How do you like the idea of motion-activated lighting in your smart home? Build some of these nifty Insteon Motion Sensors into your system and you can ensure lights are triggered within a 30-foot detection zone.

If you want to avoid the wasted energy of lights constantly
coming on during the day when they’re not needed, activate Night Mode and
you’ll have no such worries.     

This retooled model comes with an enhanced range and an even more compact design than ever. If you’re looking to add an additional slice of intelligence to your Insteon smart lighting, throwing in some Insteon sensors is a quick and easy way to achieve that without spending a fortune.

Final Word

Hopefully, you can see there’s a multitude of choices away from the usual smart lighting suspects. Once you build out an Insteon ecosystem, you won’t ever look back.

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