10 Smart Products To Prevent Water Leaks

While it’s easy to get carried away with more exciting smart home tech like helper robots or huge roll-up TVs, don’t forget the less glamorous devices. For instance, have you ever thought about safeguarding your home against water leaks?

While this might not seem the most thrilling purchase, you
could potentially save yourself thousands of dollars if you prevent a leak from
becoming a flood.

With the holiday season looming, why not treat yourself to some leak detection? You don’t want to take the chance of having your beautiful Christmas tree piled up with presents to be deluged by flood damage.

10 Best Smart Products To Prevent Leaks

  1. Insteon Leak Sensors
  2. Smarthome SELECT Electronic Water Shut-Off Valve
  3. EcoNet Controls Leak Sensor
  4. Ring Alarm Flood and Freeze Sensor
  5. HomeSeer Z-Wave Plus Water Valve Controller
  6. Elexa Guardian Leak and Flood Protection System
  7. Sonin Water Alarm with Dual Sensors
  8. Samsung SmartThings Leak Sensor
  9. Onsite Pro Sink Floodstop with Compression Valves
  10. Wasserstein Smart WiFi Water Sensor

1) Insteon Leak Sensors

Available individually or in a choice of pack sizes for
larger homes, Insteon’s classic water leak sensor is a highly affordable way
and remarkably efficient. Protect your smart home against the shocking damage
unchecked water leaks can wreak without any fussy installation.

All you need to do with these sensors is pop them on the floor in the vulnerable area. You won’t need any tools, screws or adhesive!

As you would expect from a water leak detector, reliability is uppermost here. You’ll get a full decade of use from the batteries before they need swapping out. There’s also a heartbeat signal baked in so you can monitor system health at a glance.             

Invest in the Insteon Hub Central Controller and you’ll get alerts pinged to your smartphone in the event of any unexpected moisture. You’ll also be able to take charge remotely in-app even if you’re not at home. The hub gives you compatibility with these Insteon devices.  

If you want to get even more proactive, build in the low-voltage controller and the water shut-off valve that we examine directly below. This way you can actually step in to stop the water causing the leak before you end up with flood damage.

These Insteon leak detectors make the best fit in homes where you either have an Insteon ecosystem already in place or you’re interested in building one out.

2) Smarthome SELECT Electronic Water Shut-Off Valve

Leak detectors are a strong start if you want to keep your connected home safe from water damage, but you can take things a step further with this water shut-off valve.

Rugged stainless construction rated IP67 means this valve works equally well indoors and outdoors.

This valve is designed to be integrated with Insteon ecosystems or with smart home security systems like those from Elk. Throw in the home hub and you’ll also be able to manipulate things remotely, which is ideal if you have a vacation home.

How does this actually work, though?

Well, your water leak detector will pick up on any unwanted moisture and it then triggers the I/O Link so the valve is automatically triggered, activated and closed. That way, you can do more than stay aware of water in the house, you can proactively stop it even if you’re not at home.

The valve is designed to work with ¾-inch plumbing but there’s also a 1-inch version available.

As if all this wasn’t good enough, if you act quickly this shut-off valve is currently up for grabs at half price.

3) EcoNet Controls Leak Sensor

If you’re hunting for a multi-pack of leak sensors
tailor-made for a larger home, this set of 6 Z-Wave Plus certified gems will
keep you safe from harm.

The range is exceptional at around 100 feet. Obstacles might reduce this somewhat, so base the range on a line of sight.

This sensor is designed to work with a range of home automation systems from SmartThings and Wink to HomeSeer and Vera.

As with most of the best leak detectors, all you need to do is pop this compact unit on the floor near any areas prone to water leaks. You can also use the base supplied to mount this sensor on the wall if that makes more sense for the layout of your room.

If you want to build out more robust functionality, add in
EcoNet’s Valve Robot so the water supply is automatically slashed in the event
of a leak developing.

4) Ring Alarm Flood and Freeze Sensor

If you want to keep your smart home neatly protected against
the damage that leaks and frozen pipes can bring about, security specialist
Ring has your back.

If you pop the sensor near any water appliance or source of
moisture, you’ll get instant alerts pinged to your cellphone if water or
abnormally low temperatures are flagged.

You can place sensors up to 250 feet from the base station.
If the layout of your home cries out for greater distance, add in a range
extender and you’re all set.

You can expect a full three years of battery life before you need to swap it out.

Unlike many of the leak detectors we highlight today, this is not a standalone sensor but it is designed to work in tandem with Ring Alarm Security Kit. This is a sprawling home security solution that doesn’t require any awkward installation or lengthy contracts. Adding in water leak protection is the final piece in the protective puzzle.

5) HomeSeer Z-Wave Plus Water Valve Controller

While you might not spend too much time thinking about what could happen in the event of a water leak in your home, maybe you should rethink that. If you end up with a leak that floods your house, you could end up involved in a ruinous insurance claim. That is if you’re actually insured. If you let your coverage lapse, you could be facing an even worse problem.

There’s no need for that when you can regulate water with
this HomeSeer valve controller. Compatible with Z-Wave Plus home automation
systems, you can enjoy wireless control and manipulation of water flow without
needing to be too practically-inclined or tech-savvy.

The added flexibility with this controller is the fact you
can also take it outside. Regulate spigots or irrigation systems to optimize
water consumption and slash wastage.

This water valve controller comes in this ¾-inch version and a 1-inch alternative.

6) Elexa Guardian Leak and Flood Protection System

The Guardian by Elexa isn’t cheap, so what do you get for your considerable investment?

This all-in kit bundles absolutely everything you need to
get keep your smart home safe in more ways than just installing an alarm

The valve controller works with your existing quarter-turn
ball valve.

A highly sensitive drip sensor is capable of detecting as
little as a couple drops of water. The remote sensor probe is able to keep
track of tight spaces. You’ll be alerted long before the sump pump overflows so
you can take decisive action and prevent an almighty, expensive mess.

You won’t need to worry about the integrity of the detection system either. Guardian will open and close your valve on a weekly basis to ensure everything is firing on all cylinders. You’ll also get battery back-up and the system is perfectly capable of working if the Internet goes down. This ensures that you can stay totally safeguarded around-the-clock.

For a comprehensive and hard-hitting leak detection solution
from a brand you can rely on, Elexa’s Guardian is well worth popping on your

7) Sonin Water Alarm with Dual Sensors

Next up we have something for the bargain hunters with the Sonin alarm that has dual sensors at a throwaway price-point. Check out this solution and there’s simply no excuse to say leak detection is too expensive.

This alarm works most effectively when you’re at home. A
piercing 85-decibel siren sounds in the event of any excess moisture being detected.

Affix sensors in any hazardous areas using either tape or
the suction cup provided. You can position these sensors up to 12 feet apart
allowing you to maximize your protection.

A simple onboard testing button allows you to periodically check that the alarm and sensors are functioning properly so you don’t get caught short.

The single 9-volt battery required should give you roughly a
year of normal use. As the battery starts to run down, you’ll hear an
occasional double-beeping sound alerting you it’s time to swap it out.

While you don’t get too many smarts and you’ll need to be at
home to take action on the siren, this is basic protection at a ridiculously
low price-point.

8) Samsung SmartThings Leak Sensor

Monitoring any areas sensitive to water leaks is a cinch
with Samsung’s SmartThings sensor.

If you want to get the very most out of this sensor and integrate it into your smart home fully, invest in the exceptional SmartThings Home Hub which is now into its third generation and going from strength to strength.

Once you have the gateway in place, you’ll be able to automate and sync other devices. Arrange for other tech to switch on or off accordingly in the event of water detection.

Notifications can be in the form of a siren or an alert
whizzed to your cellphone.

This sensor makes a neat fit if you’re already invested into
the SmartThings ecosystem and you want to keep your kit under one roof.

9) Onsite Pro Sink FloodStop with Compression Valves

Sink leaks left untended can end up creating mayhem in your precious smart home, but there’s no need for that to happen.

Onsite serves up a comprehensive solution to put paid to
basic sink leaks wreaking mayhem.

Installation is a matter of 10 to 15 minutes. Connect the
FloodStop valves directly to the supply lines with the sensors positioned at
the base of the fixture in question.

As soon as any water leak activates the alarm under the
sink, the water supply is slashed so you won’t end up with your floors dripping
and carpet spoiled. The valve remains shut until the problem has been remedied
and the system reset.   

This warning system is designed to slot neatly into any Insteon or X-10 system.

10) Wasserstein Smart WiFi Water Sensor

If you’re looking for a bargain, the Wasserstein water sensor is keenly-priced with punchy functionality, so why should you add this detector to your smart home?

With no need to take out a paid subscription and no requirement for a home hub, this sensor works well for renters or smart home beginners.

This compact unit is expressly designed for tight, awkward
spots. Hyper-sensitive gold-plated probes will pick up on any unwanted moisture
and you’ll stay in the loop even if you’re not at home.

All you need to do after mounting the sensor is to download
the app, free for both iOS and Android. Hook up your sensor to your home WiFi
network and you’ll never be caught out by water leaks again.

Since it’s obviously key that the batteries are working, you
can stay up to date on battery status in-app.

This sensor is a great starting point if you appreciate the benefits of leak detection but you have a limited budget. Due to the lack of other equipment required, this is also a seamless fit for home automation novices.

Final Word

Well, you should see by now you’re truly spoiled for choice
if you’re looking to protect your smart home against the ravages of water

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